Quick Game Play

How to play Worlds Top Angler
If you have played Mobsters or Mafia Wars you will get the hang of this quickly!  “secret info – holding your mouse over the blue bar will show how many experience to the next level

Be the World's Top Angler in this smash hit Angler Wars App!

Actual game play of missions!

Fuel = Energy that is needed and consumed when running missions.

Permit = Health that is needed to compete and run a mission. Permit is affected by the outcome of the competition between your team and the competitor.

Cast = Stamina that is required when attacking, competing, or sabotaging another Angler.

Fishing Team = Your fishing team in comprised of your Facebook friends list that you have added to the game and can also grow with Hired Anlger.

Season = Levels

Cash = Game cash and is used for upkeep on items  The money sitting out can be taken but the money in the FCU is protected

Game Bucks = Virtual Cash and come from mission awards and the Marina and are used for special upgrades and accelerated game play! Abbreviations for Game Bucks  are GB, BSB & MGC Bucks. ( your unused game bucks will be carried around all the games we make so if you have Game Bucks in one game and you decide to leave that game to play a different one your unused bucks will follow you to the next game)

flyfishersclearGame Action!

An anglers page lets you do many things.

Compete – is a 1v1 attack with your teams backing you taking permit time and cash from the other user
(winning increases Fish Caught and loosing Increases Fish Lost)

Sabotage – Is like punching but, it takes away permit time from that Angler until they are arrested by the Game Warden when the available permit time the player is empty or expired.

Fix Tournament – Is like hit listing and this forces a user to compete ready or not! But a fixed tournament is rigged and the user will not be able to win the tournament but can gain Fish Caught the angler is strong enough. The winner will get the prize money used to sponsor the tournament.

Post Comments – You can post comments and protection tags on the users page.

You can also see the stats, awards, items and land another player has achieved or accumulated during their career.


icefishersclearGame Navigation

Top Anglers – Only the Top Anglers in the game will show here. It’s hard to make this list so pay some respect to those who have made it this far.

Pro Shop – Here you will find special items that give you extra powers in the game. These items have extra strengths and sometimes hidden powers that give a huge competitive advantage over the competition. These items can only be purchased with Game Bucks.  Game bucks come from the Marina and special mission rewards.

The Dock – Serves many functions listed below

Angler Talk – Team chat can only be seen by anglers in your team

Security Cam – See who has been attacking you and get other system messages about awards, levels and achievements.

WTA News – News, updates, system messages about new recruits, unlocked levels and team request show here.

Angler Skill – Increase the strength of your angler with unused skill points. You should pay close attention to this because it decides how you will use your character in the game. More defense will help fend off other Anglers however more attack will help you win in competition. Don’t forget as you level up missions will require more fuel so you will need to put points there too.

The Lake – Missions tree for your career and you gain items, money and experience from running missions. Look for special missions that have high payouts and special items you can’t get anywhere else.

FCU – This is your bank and game cash here is protected from other Anglers in the game and is also used to refill permit time.

Tournaments – This is like the Hit List

Fishing Holes – A list of active users in the game (Fish-On) is used to compete against the Angler.

Land – This is where you can build steady income that will cover upgrades and support of items.

Game Warden – This is where you refill permit time to fish and run missions (permit is not used to run missions however you can not fish or run missions without any)

The Shed – All of your items and gear are kept here and there are 4 main categories with several sub categories. (hint you can use items from each sub categories to compete and defend your self.) Pressing all will list the entire list under the main category or you can sort by sub by selecting things like BOATS, MOTORS, VEHICLES, HIRE HELP

First rod, First Reel, First bait can be bought or comes from missions!

Second Rod Second Reel and Second bait all come from Missions only or Virtual upgrades and are not required to play but will help your character fend off those who have them!


Fishing Team – This is like a mob, and the more you have the better you will do if you equip them all (look for new functions like Top Anglers (permit time & cash bonus) and Crew (perk bonus for active users) soon!

You can also increase your team size but purchasing Hired Anglers at the Marina. Some missions also award Hired Anglers.

Marina – Get cash for game bucks, Hired Anglers, Refill Permit, Fuel and Cast and do surveys or purchase more game bucks. Game Bucks are used to purchase special upgrade items as well.

My Angler – Your stats page and character with achievements comments and items displayed to other users in World’s Top Angleroceanfisherclear